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Hi I’m Hazel. I am so happy you decided to check out my website! I am an artist of many different backgrounds, with a Turkish father and a Danish mother. I grew up in Switzerland and then moved to the United Kingdom to study music and start a new adventure. I try to reflect the diversity of my upbringing within my music, with each experience creating a vivid new color in my artistic vision. My music is influenced by artists like Billie Eilish, Holly Humberstone and Lorde. I am inspired by these artists and their new and evolved interpretation of what pop can be.

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Latest Release: SeptemberNight
SeptemberNight is looking back at my breakup with my boyfriend a couple of years ago. I was trying to remember how I felt on the day it happened. The song is about losing someone you cared about the feeling of losing everything. I wanted to show a journey, my journey really. The song is driven by a smooth electric guitar, a soft piano line a good beat, and tons of harmonies. SeptemberNight was influenced by artist such as Holly Humberstone and Billie Eilish. Both artists write their songs as one would write a story and I wanted to explore that.

2nd Release: NoMore


NoMore is a special song for both me and my producer. This was the ‘Eureka’ moment. The song is influenced by Holly Humberstone, with meaningful lyrics, a strong guitar line, groovy beat, and delicate harmonies. I wanted to tell a story, one that I lived during a breakup. It was a time when I wanted to make things work with my boyfriend but didn’t have the energy to make it work. The song really reflects the struggle between knowing that your relationship is over and not wanting it to be over.

First Release: Scream


I want to show that emotions are a good thing, whether you are dealing with anxiety or depression, you are not alone. My debut single Scream came to life after a couple of difficult months, struggling with my own depression and loneliness. It started with two sentences and was built up during one session with my producer and co-writer Alex Rigueiro. Scream is a song that underlines the sadness and desperation that comes with feeling lonely, left out, unheard and misunderstood by the people around you. It’s for all of us who suffer the consequences of having too many people around yet not being heard.

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